Get Involved

The Bollinger Hills Home Owner Association (HOA) is entirely self-managed. This is very rare, and it is the main reason our dues are relatively low compared to other communities with an HOA. While all HOAs have a community elected Board of Directors, usually there is a management company hired by the Board to enforce the CC&Rs, manage our community amenities, perform financial accounting, and hire service contractors.

The Bollinger Hills HOA has no outside management company the Board directly hires contractors and manages the affairs of the HOA, along with some committee chairmanships. The five-member Board of Directors is a volunteer Board per state law. Other Chair positions filled by HOA residents include landscape, treasury, recording secretary, and maintenance. These positions have a small compensation, but certainly far less than the cost of an outside service.

Board Positions

Board positions are for a two year term, and elections are held each year (two seats and three seats alternating). If the number of candidates is equal to the number of seats up for election, the seats are filled by acclamation, and the formal vote is suspended. Opportunities also become available for chair positions. Notices are posted on this web site, and usually in the newsletter, depending on publication timing. If you are interested in getting involved, please let us know. While we may not have a position currently open, its always helpful to have a short list of homeowners who are interested in helping the HOA. Please contact any Board member with a question or input at any time.

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